As alloy or metal, there are 4 groups of metal that are used mostly in industry and daily life.

1. Aluminum Materials

Aluminum is a material that is soft and easy to shape. It is the metal group that is mostly used successfully in spinning.

It can be easily shaped from 0.50 mm to 3 mm and an aluminum flower pot, vase and even a very large material can easily be spinned.

2. Sheet Material

The metal in sheet materials becomes hard and consequently, the areas to operate begin to be restricted.

The depths of 50 cm in aluminum may turn into the depths of 10 cm. Thicknesses are between 0.50 mm and 1 mm. It is a very demanding process. The amount of time and effort spent preparing the product increases up to 2 times.

3. Stainless Chrome Material

Shaping stainless chrome material is a really difficult process. The material is so hard and refractory that it takes more time and needs more power to form than sheet metal.

Although its application areas are generally caps and circles, sometimes stones and hemispheres can also be made in the skilled hands.

4. Brass Material

Due to the alloys in brass, it is a harder material than copper and a little softer than stainless materials. It is the material that hardens without losing its characteristics when it softens and cools by heat treatment.