Our membership to SAHA Istanbul (Defense Aviation and Space Cluster) Group, which is one of the most important groups in the defense industry in our country, has been approved. As the IKM Kılıçoglu family, we would like to thank in advance for all the work we will do together on behalf of our country.

We aim to serve the sector together with SAHA Istanbul whose aim is to inform the local and national companies so as to encourage to manufacture in defense industry, civil aviation and space sectors, to inform about the projects, to cluster around the projects, to provide working environment with prime contractors, to provide synchronized work of our universities and the industry, to provide state support to the projects, to bring the talents of manufacturing in the country; particularly the ones that do not exist in the country, but it should definitely exist, to be in service in order to carry out many functions such as collective support for foreign market surveys, to provide cooperation and solidarity among the members, to be active in the system and subsystem projects and to share information among its members.